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Professional Business Plan Writers

We are a Canadian based professional business plan writers and business consulting company. Our services are tailored towards helping startups and entrepreneurs with business planning and business funding for many decades now. We are proud of our unique know-how and large amount of alliances in business planning and business financing industries which are successfully helping us to achieve our customers goals each and every time when our professional services are being rendered. Here are some of our key points of strength that our customers have been successfully taking advantage of to date.

Easy Solutions

We have automated ways of information intake and reporting output for both business plans and business loans therefore all you need to do is to answer our questions, give us the requested documents, and wait for the final successful outcome.

Professional Experts

All of our business plan writers were carefully picked from business planning and business financing industries and all of their expertise plus our corporate know-how is constantly applied towards efficiency of the getting successful results for our customers.

Knowledge and Experience

We are closely affiliated with all Canadian lenders ( A lenders, B lenders, Private and Government lenders, Venture Capital firms) therefore when we are structuring our applications/plans we know exactly what are the expectations of the lenders above that we must meet in order to achieve the final approval. This is why all of our work is always based on knowledge and experience driven from our relationships.

Connected Experts

There are so many ways to structure a project or present an application in front of a lender. When the client is approaching the lender directly. The lender must receive and process the business plan and the application just the way it is presented without an optional privilege of preliminary discussion of the same application.

Due to the fact that we are connected to all of the lenders that we are working with for many decades, prior to the official submission with all the relevant details of the application, we have the privilege of the independent inquiry about any future project that we are planning to possibly present to the lender. During such independent discussion and review of a possible project in the future, we can iron out all the imperfections and structure the final application according to the lenders final and accurate requirements.

This way once the application is submitted, the chances for the successful outcome are at their maximum.

Canadian Business Plan Writers

During the past decades of our company existence, we have been practicing our expertise in Business Planning and Business Financing by offering our services in Canada and around the world while focusing on our Canadian Education and Knowledge base.

Reliable Services

Our business planning services are fully compensated once the draft if completed. Our business Financing services are fully compensated once the approval is achieved. Based on the two facts noted above, you can vividly judge that our services are extremely reliable because otherwise, we do not get paid. Also, as you can understand we are interested in our clients’ successful achievement of their goals not less than the clients themselves.

Mature Experts

During our company existence we have developed certain policies and procedures which are mandatory to follow for anyone who joins our team. These rules and regulations, are demanding certain amount of business etiquettes and professionalism from our associate while delivering our services to our valued customers. The matrix of the facts above, are demanding from our team members to be mature and respectful towards any business practices under the scope of our professional services.

Proven Results Track Record

Our services information intake process is designed in way to serve two main purposes.

  1. To simplify the solution for our valued customers.
  2. To achieve accurate and comprehensive understanding of the solution that our valued customers are looking for.

So based on the simplicity and the accuracy of the information intake process noted above, we are always guaranteeing a successful proven result-oriented track record activities and making our valued customers every single time happy when they are dealing with us.

One Stop Shop Service for Planning and Financing

We have started our company decades ago by simply helping our customers to put their business plans together in a professional way as our primarily service. Later during the process, lots of our customers were coming back to us and requesting to assist with the next step, upon business plan completion, of raising funds and getting financing approval. Naturally we have gotten involved with those steps as well.

Therefore; today we are successfully helping our customers with not only putting their business plans together but also taking them to the lenders/funders to explain/defend our business plans and assist with the capital raising/financing approval. By doing so, we are offering our clients a one stop shop solution for their planning and financing needs all together.

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